212 million will be out of work by 2019

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Three million more people will join the ranks of the unemployed in 2015, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, told the BBC. The global economy isn’t growing fast enough, he said, to create the jobs that we need. The BBC reports on new ILO figures from the flagship report: “The World Employment and Social Outlook Trends 2015”, which shows that more than 212 million people will be out of work by 2019, up from the current 201 million. This is why workers in Singapore need to upskill themselves to stay relevant in the changing market. One possible way of doing so includes taking up online courses to equip yourself with relevant skills. Those skills allow you to take up offline or online jobs in Singapore and provide you with the opportunity to work from home and earn money online or even offline.

Check out the ILO video here.

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