Challenges of an Independent Talent

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Many are often fascinated by how independent talents can earn money online while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of managing their own schedules, but what actually goes behind the life of an independent talent? Although inviting, there are bound to be certain challenges faced when you’re self-employed and managing your own services, regardless of whether you are a pet groomer, a party planner or even a graphic designer in Singapore!

1. Starting up

Before offering your services to clients, you may find problems starting up your business during the initial period. The lack of experience in the industry isn’t something you’d overcome in a day, and it takes months, even years to gain clients, exposure and experience.

2. Low/late payment

One of the most painful things to deal with is handling payment issues from clients when you’re working for yourself. Underpaid gigs, delayed payment and the need to frequently chase for the remuneration you deserve are commonly faced by independent talents.

3. Agency cuts

Even though being managed by an agency benefits greatly in terms of getting more jobs and having a team to manage your pay cheque, agencies usually absorb high commission fees from micro-managing all the work on your behalf.

4. Jack/Jill of all trades

In fact, be prepared to wear many hats when you’re looking at pursuing a career as an independent talent. You may be described as a blogger, but you’re also a photographer, model, writer, with the need to also be skilled at software editing, PR and art direction skills – the list goes on.

How does one actually deal with these issues?We’ve gathered these commonly faced problems and injected solutions to help the growing society of independent talents with the aid of StageMetro. Not only do you get to enjoy benefits of setting up a talent profile easily, StageMetro helps manage payment issues with no commission cuts. The benefits of growing in a community of an equally motivated and driven society are endless, with the aid of marketing tools (e.g. blogging, video sharing) to boost your profile to more potential clients!

We hope you’ve learnt a thing or two about the behind-the-scenes of a freelancer, and the solution to ease your problems!

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