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How StageMetro Helps Kim, The Korean Chef

Kim, a passionate Korean cuisine chef creates her beautiful Stage with blogs, photos and videos


She hosts Korean Cuisine cooking classes for housewives in the afternoon by setting up Event Services. Sometimes, customers book her through her Menus to go over and cook for them on their family’s special occasion.


She easily share her Stage on popular social media apps which directs interested customers to her services on the app for booking. She can even post a link on any website.


She can pre-secure her fees before service and have the payment automatically released to her bank account within 7 days for the ultimate convenience.

Alternatively, She can still choose to be paid by cash.


Kim decides when to rest or work through StageManager (, a web service with all the tools she needs to create and run services. She can even send promo codes directly to her customers.

StageMetro is a service that helps independent talents run their gigs easily for more income. We enable the coolest gigs and freelance jobs in Singapore so that you can work from home or even on-site! With the growing gig economy in Singapore, thousands of talents are available to power your lifestyle or business.

StageMetro App is now officially launched. Download the StageMetro app and Step Up now.

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StageMetro freelance gig economy

StageMetro freelance gig economy




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