Making children happy at their party with live balloon sculpting.

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Making children happy with unique balloons.

StageMetro has been improving the way a freelancer works within the gig economy in Singapore. Whether you consider yourself to be a freelance writer, a pet groomer, or a party planner, you can build a reasonable income on our platform!

Meet Michelle, one of the talented artist that brings a smile to children wherever she goes. She has served over 50 parties (hundreds of children!!) and keep them entertained as she made highly creative balloons right before their eyes. A quick puff, a pair of deft hands and a marker makes the balloon come alive in front of delighted kids. Check out her story here.

1.  Describe your work experience over the past few years?

I began balloon-sculpting at Barter Markets in early 2017, before establishing myself as a freelance performer/service provider after gaining some experience. To date, I’ve been active at monthly charity events as well as private parties for friends and family. I have sculpted at external private parties for adults, though my primary focus is events targeted at children between 1-12 years old.

2.  So why did you decided to work independently instead? Example: Why did you become a party balloon sculptor?

I decided to freelance as an independent balloon sculptor because it afforded me more flexibility in my schedule, and allowed me to explore other avenues (eg. marketing, design) that accompanied running one’s own business. It has been a steep learning curve thus far, but the rewards I have reaped from branching out as an independent sculptor are worth it.

3.  Share some interesting facts about your service.

Every event can be made better with balloons, and what I’ve discovered from sculpting for over 50 events is that client appreciate the performance of sculpting- not just the end product. I’ve experimented with many different balloon designs, but the crowd favourite has always been the balloon dog and swords.

4.  Why should customers book you?

3 reasons why:

First, I’m a more cost-effective balloon sculptor because I don’t work with a company- so there’s so no such thing as GST or overhead fees.

Second, I’ve been working with children for years, so I’m guaranteed to be a hit with any young ones in your audience.

Thirdly, my timings are flexible and my designs novel, so there’s always the option to customise your request with balloon decorations/sculpting workshops and much more!

5.  Why do you want to work with StageMetro?

StageMetro struck me as an interesting gig platform for freelancers to test the waters of their industries before fully committing to running their own business. It’s easy to showcase my talent, run a service and secure payment for a low fixed monthly subscription fee.


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