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StageMetro allows any independent talents to run their gig easily. In fact, StageMetro has changed the freelancer scene – allowing independent talents to do so much with so little. How can you run a service easily? What type of services can you run? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions!

Q1. How does StageMetro help me to gig ?

From S$10 a month, you have everything you need to succeed in the Gig Economy. Our platform allows you to engage prospective customers, create and run any type of services and even secure payment by credit card. We can even help you to invoice companies that engage your service. As StageMetro will actively promote our lifestyle services marketplace, you will also benefit as you need to spend less money and effort on self marketing. From time to time, our ads will also feature talents with outstanding gigs so do stay visible !

Q2. What types of Gigs can I run?

The short answer is that you can run almost every type of lifestyle services – as long as it’s legal !

The long answer is StageMetro supports almost any type of service you are passionate about running. You can create ala carte on-demand services like a pet groomer, freelance writer or even a party planner as our platform supports both Menu and Event type of services. We have seen real interesting ones like dog-walking and even balloon specialists. So it’s really down to your talent and the value your service delivers !

Q3. What kind of customer payment methods are supported?

As you earn money offline/online from taking up offline/online jobs, we provide various payment methods to the customers. Your customer can choose to pay by Cash (default) or Credit Card. To pre-secure payment by Credit Card, you need to provide legal identity and bank account details under “Identification” in My Profile. For credit card payment, you will need to pay a 7% fee on the service booking value with most of this fee going to the payment processor. We recommend that you consider this detail as you setup your pricing. We like to point out that the credit card payment method does provide convenience and security that the cash method can’t match. For example, you still retain 50% of your fees for last minute cancellations within 10 days to the service date. Additionally the fees get auto-released to your bank account within 7 working days once customer acknowledged service completion through the service voucher.

Q4. Why should I get my customers to pay by credit card?

Do you know that only StageMetro allows an individual like you to pre-secure customer payment by credit card, just like a registered business?

When you get your customers to pay by Credit Card, you will still receive 50% of the service fee if they made any cancellations within a 10 days window to the service date. Additionally, service fees are automatically transferred to your specified bank account once customer acknowledges the service is completed via the Service Voucher (or if no acknowledgement is received 7 days after the service date). Please note that it will take about 7 working days for the fees to arrive at your bank account. You can check Service Records in StageManager for payment status.

Q5. How do I accept and manage bookings?

Get notified for new booking requests through the Notifications tab on the app. For all upgraded accounts, you can easily accept bookings via Manage Bookings on the Side Menu. You may need to re-login to the app to see the expanded Talent side menu. Confirmed bookings will be issued with a Service Voucher which contains details of the booking as well as the contact numbers of both parties. Do ensure that your contact number is updated in Settings.

Please note that the “Bookings” icon at the bottom of the main view is the area where you manage your bookings as a customer to other talents. Don’t confuse it with the “Manage Bookings” tab on the Side Menu.

6. How do I upload Photos, Videos and Blogs to my Stage?

Post blogs, pictures or videos through the Talent side menu. You many need to re-login to the app to see the expanded Talent side menu after upgrading the account. From the side menu, Click on My Stage to start posting ! Videos should not exceed 25MB per clip (approx.1min of 720p MP4 video) cause most viewers prefer short videos.

Q7. How do I verify my service identity?

At StageMetro, all talents are required to be verified before they can offer services due to safety considerations for users. To verify your identity, login into My StageManager ( and go to Identification tab under My Profile. Update your legal identity information and agree to the TOS and Safety Standards Agreement.

Q8. Why am I not receiving any bookings?

One common problem we see is the service schedule of talents is not properly setup or updated.

You can choose to Accept Any Timing (default) or customize your service calendar (e.g. you only want to work on weekends). This selector can be found under “My Service Manager” => “Schedule”. We recommend that you use the default setting if you are not the diligent sort to update your calendar frequently. Remember, you will lose potential bookings when there are no available timeslot to book against. Note that the “Book Me” button on your Stage will also appear greyed out if your services are not setup properly.

The other problem we see is that talents are not updating their Stage with samples of their works and not engaging prospective customers through blogs and videos. Using the Share button to inform your social network that you are open for business is a smart move as well. Like any business, you got to market yourself regularly and in an interesting manner !

Q9. Is StageMetro Talent membership free?

The Talent Basic Plan is absolutely free and allow you to create your own Stage, share your passion (e.g. blog, pictures, videos) and even accept 3 service bookings. To accept more service bookings, you can subscribe to our paid monthly membership plan that starts as low as S$10/month.

Q10. How do my Star ranking get upgraded ?

When users endorse you positively, you will gain StagePoints. Endorsements can be as simple as receiving digital gifts, being followed, sharing profile or providing you great service reviews (the most points). And when you reach a certain number of points, your Star Ranking will change ( Bronze, Silver, Gold). So it definitely pays to engage and service your customers because a higher Star Ranking may mean you can charge more for your services !

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